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Acne vitamins – take your acne fighting regimen to the next level

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Acne vitamins can take your acne fighting regimen to the next level. General knowledge has taught us that getting to the root of the matter usually solves it much faster than scrapping the surface. So why do so many of us spend so much time scrubbing our faces instead of looking for ways to solve acne before it starts?

When I started taking acne vitamins three years ago, I was as skeptical as most people are when they first come across this concept. I was suffering from a skin condition, what did that have to do with the vitamins and minerals my body was getting?

Well, I soon discovered “you are what you eat” is about more than just weight gain.

Every aspect of my life from the amount of energy I have throughout the day to the way my skin looks is affected by what I eat and the acne vitamins I started taking could only help balance out my system.

Think of a car. If you try to run it on the cheapest gas you can get at the pump, (or worse try to water down the gas with water!) you are going to see poor performance on the road. Now imagine if you stopped giving your car oil changes. Let me tell you, a car without oil is never going to run well. It will sound awful, smell awful and eventually may even look awful. Your body is also your engine.

Acne vitamins and supplements are usually tailor-made for those of us that suffer from acne the most. They include all the vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, many of the Bs and vitamin E, which are so crucial to the health of our skin and the reduction in sebum production we so desperately need to get our bodies back on track.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to take acne vitamins. We would be getting all that good stuff from our diet. Unfortunately, our world is less than perfect and no matter how good your diet, chances are you aren’t getting enough vitamins to keep your skin healthy. Especially with calorie counters and dieters, it is hard to make sure we continue to lose the excess weight yet continue to bring in everything our body needs to be healthy and our skin, among other parts of our body, suffers because of it.

Just like the car without oil, a person without the right balance of vitamins and minerals will begin to feel rundown and have trouble looking their best. If you, like I did, suffer the worst on your skin, you may want to try taking acne vitamins to combat this problem from the outside in. I saw a difference after only a few weeks of using acne vitamins and I am sure you will too.

Now that is what I call getting to the root of the matter.

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