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Are acne pills a miracle cure?

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As many of us know, there is only so far washing our faces and using acne preparations will go to repair the problem. I found it difficult to clean my face day in and day out without seeing any difference. I tried to combat the despair that threatened to consume me, but what could I do when I felt my hard work was getting me nowhere. That was until someone introduced me to the idea of taking acne pills.

Before starting on acne pills, I had tried dozens of preparations and multiple step washing programs and saw little to no results. I wasn’t being lax in my routine; I was just not getting results no matter how hard I stuck to the program. A friend recommended acne pills as a solution to my problem, but I was skeptical.

In an attempt to convince me, they gave me the following example: Our body can be compared to a computer. If the monitor were displaying error messages, we wouldn’t expect the problem to disappear if we washed the screen twice daily,so why do we expect this to happen with our bodies?

Acne pills go a step beyond treating the exterior symptoms of acne. They pull in support from the inside by strengthening your immune system and giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to combat the problem that is attacking its outer layers. Think of acne pills as the IT guy that can find the underlying cause of the problem and help you find a solution.

It was such a simple idea; I knew I wanted to check it out. A little research online and I discovered that there was plenty of medical knowledge to back this idea up. If we aren’t getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals in our diet, it is going to show up in our body. For some this means a cold. I began to wonder if for me, this meant more acne.

I added acne pills into my acne treatment. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.

By incorporating acne pills into my acne combat protocol I was able to better balance what I was doing. No longer did I find myself attacking this war from one side. I was fighting on all fronts and I was beginning to see results! They weren’t overnight nor were the results remarkable at first. But the active ingredients in my acne pills helped reduce sebum production, strengthen my skin so it could better deal with an outbreak and the vitamin E began to heal the scars from my extended battle with acne.

Are acne pills a miracle cure? Probably not. But with a regimen of washing twice daily, diet, stress control and exercise, I have seen a real difference and I hope you will too!

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