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The Problem With ‘Big Brand’ Acne Treatment Products

The problem with big personal care brands like Unilver, Clinique, Loreal, Avon and many more is that they don’t concentrate on just one type of product. They mass market the brand name regardless of how effective the treatment may or may not be.

For example, if a big brand like Clinique made a body acne spray big brands were to make an back acne treatment spray, they would probably all be a similar formulation. A standard formulation the industry uses. The only difference would be the brand name on the bottles. The problem with that of course is they don’t care if it works for you or not because they know that 95% of people who buy it will simply trust the brand maybe becasue they saw the product advertized on TV.

How do I know this? Let me explain..

I used to work for a company who supplied those same companies and I have seen the formulas and the manufacturing plants. The point I am trying to make is that if you are looking for a particular product to treat a specific problem like body and back acne, you are better of looking for company who are dedicated 100% to making only that kind of product.

That way you know that the products have been developed with 100% focus on delivering results for the particular problem, in this case body acne. When a company produces a product dedicated to helping you solve your problem and is so confidant the product will help you, that they can offer a full money back guarantee – in the unlikely event the product doesn’t help you, I know which one I would rather choose.

Those big brands never offer a money back guarantee and now you know the reason why!

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Body Acne Products – Which Ingredients Work Best?

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Facial acne affects most teenagers and some adults alike. In fact, there is a tendency for people who suffer from or have suffered facial acne to also develop body acne at some stage in their lives. Body acne can develop on the shoulders, chest, back, legs and even the butt. Because body acne has been highlighted as a problem there are countless body acne products coming onto the market. Body acne products are readily available both offline and online.

One of the well-known body acne products today is OxeDerm body acne spray. Different body acne products have different ingredients, yet they have the same purpose to treat acne. Many of these products have active ingredients which target the pustules and cysts, while many others are designed to fight against acne-causing bacteria. Other products have short-term effects, while many others boast longer-term effects.

A good body acne spray product should contains ingredients which aim at eliminating back acne. The following are six of the most common active ingredients used in body acne spray products:

  • Isotretinoin. This ingredient which is found in many body acne products is very effective in reducing oil or sebum production. This ingredient also has soothing effect on inflamed areas, like the pimples, pustules and cysts. Though this ingredient is responsible in unblocking the clogged pores, it also has its downsides and side effects such as the drying and scaling of skin.
  • Alcohol and Acetone. These are mainly used as cleansers in many astringent products. What is good about alcohol and acetone is the fact that they are effective in removing dirt and oils from the skin. Though they are effective cleansers, they can actually cause a burning sensation when applied on the skin. In fact, many dermatologists are unanimous in saying that body acne spray containing alcohol and acetone may never be used on severe acne cases.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide. Many of the body acne products in the market contain Benzoyl Peroxide for treating all forms of acne. In fact, it is considered as an antibacterial ingredient because it helps eliminate bacteria in the follicles. Aside from this, Benzoyl Peroxide is also responsible in dissolving comedones before they even become pimples. However this ingredient can be harmful to your skin and can have side effects like peeling and over drying skin.
  • Sulfur. Many body acne sprays rarely use sulfur as the main ingredient in treating back acne. Most body acne products contain salicylic acid as the main ingredient due to its effective skin exfoliant action. What is good about sulfur is that it effectively removes dead skin cells and excess oils which are two of the most dominant causes of acne.
  • Antibiotics. The primary purpose of antibiotics in most of body acne sprays is to help kill bacteria and prevent the spread of acne. In fact, a lot of dermatologists are prescribing antibiotics, not only to kill bacteria in acne infested parts of the skin, but also to help prevent scarring.
  • Salicylic Acid. Many, if not all, body acne products contain salicylic acid as the primary ingredient precisely because it helps dissolve comedones or whiteheads by way of removing dead cells inside the hair follicles. Salicylic acid also prevents pores from clogging, thus making oil or sebum to flow easily and not clog.

When choosing the best and effective body acne spray, it is advisable to always understand the severity of your condition before using any product. Though many body acne products contain effective ingredients to eliminate acne, it is important to choose only the most effective one. Tried and tested, salicylic acid is the most effective and popular of all the ingredients mentioned above used as a body acne cure.

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How To Control Back Acne

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Skin layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutis, ...
Control Back Acne with Body Acne Spray

Causes of back acne

It is likely that a person suffering from facial acne may also suffer from body acne Pores on the back are larger than those on the face. That is why it is recommended that people suffering from back acne use a body acne spray to effectively control back acne.

  • The very first cause of back acne which affects both teenagers and adults alike are the overactive oil glands, coupled with the presence of excess dead skin cells at the back and the spread of acne-causing bacteria due to dirt. Back acne easily spreads when the oil inside the follicle or pore is trapped which results in what dermatologists call the blockade. When there is a blockade, it is most likely that in a very short period of time, a cystic pimple may develop from it.
  • It is a common for the back to always be in constant contact with clothing. The friction between the skin on the back and the clothing can trigger back acne to develop. As a result, when the skin becomes irritated, pimples may easily breakout. The common factors that trigger back acne are tight-fitting clothing, too-snug collars, backpacks, purse straps, and athletic pads or gear. Besides from using body acne spray regularly to control back acne, it is also important to keep the skin from being irritated.
  • For most people who are living an active life, excessive sweating may become a major source of back acne, especially in a hot environment or whilst sweating in a hot work place or at the gym. In fact, excessive sweating is one of the main reasons pimples breakout. The most effective way to control back acne is to take a shower after every workout in order to protect pores from oils that may clog the pores. As a precautionary measure, it is not recommended to scrub the back as it may only irritate the skin.

Effective ways to control back acne

Once the cause of back acne is identified, it is then time to implement preventive measures to effectively control back acne from developing. The following simple tips may help people effectively control back acne:

  • Always clean your back. This is an effective way to control back acne because dirt, oils and dead skin cells are clogging the pores, which lead to pimple breakouts. When the skin is well ventilated, there is no reason for the skin to clog. When cleaning your back, it is a good idea to use a sponge with a long handle so that you can reach the areas not normally accessible by hand alone.
  • Use a body acne spray with salicylic acid as the main ingredient. Salicylic acid effectively gets into pores to chemically exfoliate your skin. It is also an effective medication that kills acne-causing bacteria. In choosing the best body acne spray, get a product with a built-in pump so that you can reach the areas of the back with the aid of that pump.
  • Avoid tight clothing. Try to wear cotton shirts where possible so that the skin on the back is not irritated by wearing tight unnatural clothing. Wearing cotton shirts is another way of giving your skin more space and air so as to make your back well ventilated..
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Why Chose A Body Acne Spray For Back Acne?

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Acne, whether it occurs on the face, chest, shoulders or back, is a skin disorder that breaks out  when there are changes in the pilosebaceous section of the skin. These changes occur because of the stimulation caused by androgen. In almost all cases, acne develops during the adolescent period or puberty and lasts until adulthood. In fact, acne affects more than 89 percent of people throughout their whole lives.

Body acne is the specific type of acne that can breakout on some parts of the body. Such as the neck, chest, shoulders, back and even at the back of the legs and butt. Back acne is probably the most common form of body acne.  If body acne is not treated right away, it can lead to severe cystic acne which is considered to be a serious case of inflammatory acne.

Severe body acne can leave deep scars which leads many people to depression. Other psychological problems like poor self-esteem can also develop as a result. For this reason, anyone suffering from body acne should be advised to find the best body acne treatment as early as possible to avoid back acne scarring. When choosing a back acne treatment an after shower body acne spray containing salicylic acid is an essential requirement to control body acne and prevent body and back acne breakouts.

You can easily control back acne at home with the the right body acne products. There are actually many antibiotics for body acne which are also readily available in almost all drugstores. The first step in combating body acne is to target the cause of the acne to prevent future outbreaks. Some causes of acne but not always relevant include pollution, sweat and hormonal changes. It is important to chose body acne products that help control body acne from developing. Although there are over the counter body acne medications, a salicylic acid spray which is especially designed to control body acne is highly recommended.

Back acne sprays are easy to apply to the affected areas of the back. The advantage of using a body acne spray compared to a cream-based medication is the fact that a spray can easily cover large areas and are the thin liquid ingredients are easily absorbed and dry quicker.

A salicylic acid spray is designed to combat acne that is caused by excessive sweating and friction. This type of back acne spray usually comes with a small sized pump that works like and  ordinary spray. The composition of the liquid makes it easy to spray on affected areas and control body acne.

Finally, anyone suffering from body acne can now easily contol body acne with the correct body acne regimen and body acne spray. The intelligent design of the body acne spray makes it easy for anyone to use.

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