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The Problem With ‘Big Brand’ Acne Treatment Products

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The problem with big personal care brands like Unilver, Clinique, Loreal, Avon and many more is that they don’t concentrate on just one type of product. They mass market the brand name regardless of how effective the treatment may or may not be.

For example, if a big brand like Clinique made a body acne spray big brands were to make an back acne treatment spray, they would probably all be a similar formulation. A standard formulation the industry uses. The only difference would be the brand name on the bottles. The problem with that of course is they don’t care if it works for you or not because they know that 95% of people who buy it will simply trust the brand maybe becasue they saw the product advertized on TV.

How do I know this? Let me explain..

I used to work for a company who supplied those same companies and I have seen the formulas and the manufacturing plants. The point I am trying to make is that if you are looking for a particular product to treat a specific problem like body and back acne, you are better of looking for company who are dedicated 100% to making only that kind of product.

That way you know that the products have been developed with 100% focus on delivering results for the particular problem, in this case body acne. When a company produces a product dedicated to helping you solve your problem and is so confidant the product will help you, that they can offer a full money back guarantee – in the unlikely event the product doesn’t help you, I know which one I would rather choose.

Those big brands never offer a money back guarantee and now you know the reason why!

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