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Net Doctornetdoctor says: "Salicylic acid (for acne), salicylic acid works by breaking down keratin, a protein which forms part of the skin structure. This results in the shedding of skin cells from the affected area. This action is thought to disrupt the structure of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) so that acne can heal. It also helps to prevent the formation of new comedones"

"Acne can be treated with salycylic acid"
CNN Living Well Expert Dr. Jennifer Shu

How to cure acne in your 30's: "Try acne products
containing salicylic acid, which can help"
The Oprah Magazine beauty director Val Monroe

washington post
"Salicylic acid cleansers are great for acne prone skin"
Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Herschenfeld


"This is fantastic stuff! I've used it for a few weeks and my back acne has totally gone. I'm going to keep using it to prevent future outbreaks." - Kevin Miles
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oxederm reviws“OxeDerm really is a big bottle. It’s the biggest bottle I have seen for a body acne spray. I use OxeDerm twice every day and one bottle lasts me at least two weeks and I apply to a large area.I used to use OxeCure and that only lasted about 3 days. OxeDerm feels good when applied and you can feel it working. My back has cleared up significantly and I will continue to use it all the time now.”
- Sarah Hinchcliffe

oxederm reviws“I use OxeDerm in conjunction with the daily shower and drying routine as advised by the OxeDerm website and I can really see a big difference. No more spots are appearing and the ones that were there before are being reduced rapidly. I can’t wait until I’m completely clear. Thank you”
- Michael Jeffries

oxederm reviws“Best product I have ever used. I have used lots of products to clear the amount of acne I used get on my back and shoulders and I never assumed anything could rid the problem completely. I am very happy for having discovered OxeDerm Body Cure Spray because body acne is no longer an problem to me as long as I continue to use it. I highly recommend OxeDerm to anyone.”
- David Wells

oxederm reviws“Helped me more than anything else.I used to go to a tanning salon to cure my oily skin problem but that was only temporary and I knew it was hurting my skin. I decided to try OxeDerm instead and it works well to prevent acne and I’m going to keep using it. I haven’t seen another product like it in such a big bottle. I would definitely recommend OxeDerm as an acne treatment.”
- Kay Hale

oxederm reviws“Great For Back Acne. I used to use OxeCure spray but the bottles were very small and kept running out. I found OxeDerm in a much bigger bottle and it works as well if not better. In terms of value for money OxeDerm is for me and it really works for treating blemishes. If you are using a spray for a large area of skin like the back OxeDerm is my preferred choice.”
- Alex Porter

oxederm reviws“This product feels very natural and it works to clear up acne very quickly! Some of the big brands are expensive for a smaller bottle. They also contain benzoyl peroxide that isn’t good for skin. Try OxeDerm like I did and you will see a big improvement in how your skin looks and feels! A real bargain for the big bottles you get!”
- Terressa Johnston